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Information: The In Sound From Way Out! CD : JP [TOCP-8854]Media:
Format: CD5 in Jewel Case
Country: Japan
Catalogue No.: TOCP-8854
Year: 1996
Label: Grand Royal / Capitol Records

 1. Groove Holmes
 2. Sabrosa
 3. Namaste
 4. Pow
 5. Son of Neckbone
 6. In 3's
 7. Eugene's Lament
 8. Bobo on the Corner
 9. Shambala
 10. Lighten Up
 11. Ricky's Theme
 12. Transitions
 13. Drinkin' Wine
 14. Get It Together (Buck Wild Instrumental)
 15. Get It Together (A.B.A. Instrumental)
 16. Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix Instrumental)
 17. Sure Shot (Large Professor Instrumental)

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