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Information: Hello Nasty - Launch Compile VID : AU (Promo)Media:
Format: Promo Video (PAL Format)
Country: Australia
Catalogue No.:
Year: 1998
Label: EMI / Shooting Star

 1. Hey Ladies
 2. So What'cha Want
 3. Sure Shot (Clean Version)
 4. Sabotage (Clean Version)

Notes: Released to Promote the Hello Nasty album, this features 4 video clips from previous albums as well as the Hello Nasty Infomericials:
  • Peg And Viv the Juice Ladies
  • Jack Freeweather 8 Minute Workout
  • Bill Swenson - The Money Man
  • Kenny Star's Hollywood Psychics
  • Mike Lathers Presents Fantastic Finds

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