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Information: Country Mike's Greatest Hits 12" : US [CM-001] (Promo)Media:
Format: 12" Vinyl Promo Album
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: CM-001
Year: 2000
Label: Grand Royal

 1. Sloppy Drunks
 2. Railroad Blues
 3. We Can Do This
 4. Country Delight
 5. Don't Let the Air Out My Tires
 6. How Do You Mend an Achin' Heart
 7. One Song a Night
 8. Country Christmas
 9. Kenny Jones (Country Knows Best)
 10. Country Mike's Theme
 11. On Your Way Up Again (The Fowl Song)
 12. We Can Do This (Live)
 13. The Half-Wit

Notes: Sent out to family and friends with a christmas card attached. [Card Front] [Card Back]

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