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Information: CBGB 1982 CD : US [MOTR OXO] (Bootleg)Media:
Format: CD5 Bootleg in Card Sleeve
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: MOTR OXO
Year: 2002
Label: Ratcage Records

 1. Beastie Boys (Live)
 2. [Unknown]
 3. Transit Cop (Live)
 4. Jimi (Live)
 5. Holy Snappers (Live)
 6. [Unknown]
 7. Ode to... (Live)
 8. I Donít Want to Fight (Live)
 9. House of the Rising Sun (Live)
 10. Michelle's Farm (Live)
 11. Sampson Is King (Live)
 12. Riot Fight (Live)
 13. Egg Raid on Mojo (Live)
 14. [See Below]

Notes: Tracks are taken from a live recording on the 20th of November, 1982.
This CD features the full sets for the The Young & The Useless, Beastie Boys and Reagan Youth.
In true Do-It-Yourself style this package comes with home made stickers and a hand written warranty.

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