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Information: Awesome: I... Shot That! DVD : US [TF-54775] (Promo)Media:
Format: Promo DVD
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: TF-54775
Year: 2006
Label: ThinkFilm / Oscilliscope / Lions Gate

 1. Triple Trouble (Live)
 2. Sure Shot (Live)
 3. Root Down (Live)
 4. Hello Brooklyn (Live)
 5. Time To Get Ill (Live)
 6. All Lifestyles (Live)
 7. Pass The Mic (Live)
 8. Shake Your Rump (Live)
 9. Sabrosa (Live)
 10. Ricky's Theme (Live)
 11. Something's Got to Give (Live)
 12. An Open Letter to NYC (Live)
 13. Right Right Now Now (Live)
 14. Paul Revere (Live)
 15. Body Movin' (Live)
 16. Three MC's and One DJ (Live)
 17. Brass Monkey (Live)
 18. So What'cha Want (Live)
 19. Ch-Check It Out (Live)
 20. Intergalactic (Live)
 21. Gratitude (Live)
 22. Sabotage (Live)

Notes: Recorded on the 9th of October, 2004.
This promo "screener" does not have any of the "bonus footage", but it does contain the complete movie/concert.
The back cover states that the art work is not final.

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